Friday, December 4, 2015

All about doggies

The stray dog situation in Albania is off the charts. They're everywhere. But from my experience, they're too hungry or injured to be vicious. Every time I approach a dog I prepare myself to have to yell and possibly throw rocks... And every time, I'm relieved to simply be looked on with a blank stare, if they even acknowledge me. Or (prepare yourself, this is gruesome) they're in a messy mangle of bones, guts and fur on the side of the road. Nobody bothers to remove them and they just rot and turn into grey lumps that I assume have been repeatedly run over as well as plastered by the elements. I've been eye witness to an incredible amount of road kill... In Croatia is was cats. It's not the most reassuring feeling, and still leaves me forcing myself to breath out and relax for the next little while as I ride on by. That's why I was a little apprehensive when we went to feed these adorable little street pups in Durrës; I couldn't help think we were giving them false hope at life...

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