Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Maps and stuff

For my Papa:
Here's an overview map of the last half - the part after I had actually decided I was doing a long bike tour and where my destination was! 

After the race in Umag on the north coast of Croatia, I began heading south. I did some island hopping before I got to Zadar. From there I rode to Šibenik and then Split. I was in split for a long time! I had my 18th there and met a really fun group of friends my age. We hung out for a week or so and went to a couple islands together, it was a grand time! After I figured out my passport situation (another story) I finally carried on from Split to Makarska. The next day was a beautiful ride across the border into Bosnia and Herzegovina to Mostar. 

Konjic was a pit stop on the way to Sarajevo before I headed on to Foča. From there I crossed into Montenegro and rode up through the NP to Žabljak. (the very long day with the crash!!) It's not big enough to be on the map apparently, but in between Žabljak and Kotor, I stopped in Nikšic. After Kotor I slowly headed to Albania, stopping in Budva and Bar. Unfortunately, the memories of Montenegro are not what I had been lead to expect due to my sickness that lasted through the entire country... 
From Bar in Montenegro, I went to Shkodër - the first Albanian city. Next up was a long flat ride to Tiranë and then a short hop over to Durrës. From there I went back inland a little to Berat and then back out to the coast to Vlorë. 
This was the beautiful coastal mountain pass route in the south of Albania - the "From Vlorë to Sarandë" post. 

This is the route I've taken through Greece. I would have liked to go via Gjirocastër and then over the mountains by Ioannina but I figured it would be too stressful with the lack of time before my flight out of Athens. So coastline it is! The start is still in Albania, in Sarandë, the town I mentioned in the last couple posts. I'm in Xylokastro tonight - the last stop before I ride into Athens. It feels a little surreal... The past 3 months all leading up to this!

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